How to get pregnant faster and what to do during preconception

“And?! When a baby? ” “But when do you have a baby ?!” I don’t think there is a newlywed couple to whom someone has not asked the first question. In a different tone, almost reproachful, the second question is asked of couples who are already a few years away from marriage. In either case, the interrogation on this subject is, however, rude. Even if it is “wrapped” in the polish of goodwill and mimics almost perfectly a sincere interest or concern.

The subject and the moment when the two decide to become parents concern only them. Absolutely no one has the right to put pressure on the two to rebuke them indirectly. Certainly. There are answers to these questions, and still varied. Husbands may not want children. For now. Or nothing. Maybe they want to, and the fact that they haven’t gotten a pregnancy yet is a sensitive subject for them. Or maybe, although they want, despite all the efforts, of all kinds, this is not possible.

How to get pregnant faster. What to do, what to change, what to give up

Returning to the first recommendation. To take care of her own body, a woman who wants to get pregnant faster should know that weight can also hinder her. The extra pounds, but also the minus ones, certainly reduce the chances of conceiving. An overweight woman will get pregnant twice as hard as a normal-weight woman. And an underweight woman four times harder!

Too much body fat influences the production of estrogen. And this hormone can interfere with ovulation. Too little body weight compared to what is considered normal can cause menstruation to be irregular and ovulation not to occur.

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It is also important to adopt a healthy diet. Which provides the woman’s body with essential nutrients such as protein, calcium, and iron. This also applies to those with an ideal body mass index. It is not news that smoking – namely the chemical compounds in cigarette smoke, nicotine, and carbon monoxide – leads to fertility problems by aging the ovaries and premature depletion of the ovarian reserve. Therefore, those who want to get pregnant sooner are advised to give up this harmful habit. and in this respect, among many others, notoriety. And I would like to mention one more thing: exercising, being active, is undoubtedly a good thing, which we encourage, especially since it helps the body of the woman who wants to get pregnant to prepare for the challenges of pregnancy and labor. But when physical activity is excessive, too frequent, and too intense, menstrual and ovulation disorders can occur. The conception of a child is not compatible with strength training.

How to get pregnant faster. Preconception tests, a different “health insurance”

What in other countries of the world is almost religion, in our country it almost does not exist. Too few aspiring mothers understand the overwhelming importance it has for itself and especially for the child from the future projection. The preconception consultation. What does this thing mean?

It first means a discussion with the gynecologist about the possible conditions that the two partners or their family members have. In order to determine the potential risk of transmitting genetic diseases. Then there is a set of tests to provide information on various aspects that can influence the evolution of pregnancy and the health of the fetus: Rh compatibility of partners, the existence of thrombocytopenia, an infection, cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, or a predisposition to diabetes.

Thus, the doctor may recommend a complete blood count, markers of viral infection with hepatitis B and C virus, a test for HIV infection, IGG and IGM, vaginal discharge, Babeș – Papanicolau test, serology for syphilis.

Failure to perform the preconception tests recommended by the gynecologist can have serious consequences, from abortions to fetal death or fetal malformations, by transmitting the infection from mother to fetus.

Folic acid, the king of prenatal vitamins

Women trying to conceive are recommended to take vitamins (B6, B9, B12), minerals (calcium and magnesium), Omega-3 fatty acids, and Coenzyme Q10.

Each of them comes into the body with undeniable benefits: vitamin B6 regulates hormone levels. Strengthens the immune system and vitamin B12 and especially vitamin B9 prevents spina bifida in the fetus. A congenital defect in the spine consists of the lack of complete welding of the arch so that the spinal cord remains unprotected. The recommended dose of folic acid is 0.4 mg per day after stopping contraception. Continuing administration in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. There is also the option of administering multivitamins, also daily. As long as they contain at least 0.4 mg of folic acid.

As for the other supplements listed. Calcium strengthens bone strength. Magnesium helps build and repair tissue and regulates blood insulin levels. Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to brain development and optimal central nervous system function. And Coenzyme Q10 ensures cell functionality.


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