12 Ways to Get Rid of Cough Naturally

Have you had an unbearable cough for a long time? Don’t worry. Find out how to get rid of a cough naturally and quickly without the help of the doctor below.

Maintaining health so that the body stays prime is everyone’s obligation.

Whether it’s a trivial or severe illness, an unfit body can interfere with daily activities.

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

Well, one of the most annoying and annoying diseases is cough.

The symptoms seem trivial, but if left unchecked, coughing can turn into an infection and severe sore throat.

Confused about how to treat it?

Check out how to get rid of a cough naturally and quickly in the following article

Powerful lo, you don’t have to bother going to the doctor!

1. Drinking Water

Coughing is a form of our body’s mechanism in eliminating foreign objects such as mucus that enters the respiratory tract.

So, when the cough doesn’t stop, it’s a sign that your throat needs a boost of fluids to make it cleaner.

In addition, our bodies lose fluids when we cough.

Therefore, meeting the body’s fluid needs when you are sick is very important.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day to meet the body’s water needs.

2. Have You Tried Gargling Salt Water?

Did you know that one way to get rid of a cough naturally quickly is to use saltwater?

Yes, a saltwater solution can cure cough and sore throat symptoms.

This hereditary concoction can rinse phlegm and keep the throat moist, avoiding the type of dry cough.

The trick, mix half a spoonful of salt into a glass of warm water, stir until dissolved, then gargle for a few seconds.

Make sure the head is slightly up so that the throat is slightly touched by the saltwater.

3. Make sure the air around you is always humid

Maintaining room temperature is not only good for the skin but also for the health of the throat.

When the room is very dry, our noses also inhale the same dry air that is later delivered into the throat.

If the throat is dry, the walls will feel itchy, and little by little irritation will occur.

This is what causes coughing.
It’s best to choose an air humidifier to store in a dry or too cold room.

In addition to helping patients with coughs, these tips are also useful for people with asthma.

4. Cut down on junk food and replace it with homemade soup

The next way to get rid of a cough is to pay attention to food intake.

Don’t eat too much fast food when you’re coughing.

The oil contained in fast food is one source of coughing.

Instead of eating the wrong food, it’s better to cook your food.

Like vegetable and chicken soup, for example.

The vegetables in the soup can take care of the health of the body to make it fitter.

For cough medicine, add a little pepper to warm the throat.

This is because our body temperature drops below 25 to 20 degrees.

Our immune system will not be able to fight viruses and bacteria optimally.


5. Ginger

Ginger water is equipped with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it perfect for cough medicine.

This spice has also been shown to boost the body’s immune system and reduce throat discomfort.

How to treat a dry cough using ginger can be consumed directly or added to tea.

Friends of 99 can also find ginger supplements in pharmacies or traditional herbal shops out there.

However, if you want to mix it yourself, boil the ginger root up and drink the boiled water while it is still warm.

6. Turmeric and Black Pepper

Turmeric is rich in curcumin, a compound that has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

The use of turmeric as a dry cough medicine has been applied for a long time.

Because the content of turmeric can absorb into the bloodstream quickly.

How to process turmeric to treat cough is to mix it with black pepper.

Add a few drops of lime to the mixture of warm water, turmeric, and black pepper and drink while still warm.

Turmeric can also be added to tea for asthma, bronchitis, and Ayurvedic treatment.

7. Honey

Honey is included as a way to get rid of a dry cough.

As we already know, children hate drinks or foods that taste bitter.

This is what makes it difficult for them to drink or take medicine when they are coughing.

Honey can be the choice of parents who are confused and worried about their little one’s dry cough that doesn’t go away.

This natural ingredient can be used as a toxic drug against a dry throat.

In addition to keeping the throat moist, honey also has antibacterial properties that can kill bad germs.

A study conducted in 2007 even proved that honey is more efficacious than dextromethorphan.

Dextromethorphan is a drug that is often used to treat dry cough in children.

8. Peppermint

Friends of 99 growing mints at home?

Let’s use the plant as a dry cough medicine!

According to health experts, peppermint leaves contain menthol which can help treat throat irritation.

Mint leaves can also help clear up respiratory tract congestion due to their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Friends of 99 can consume clean peppermint leaves directly or by boiling them with tea to relieve dry coughs.

9. Lime, Honey and Soy Sauce

Hearing the combination above, it feels nauseous first, huh?

It does not taste as good as honey when consumed separately.

However, this concoction has proven to be effective in treating cough with phlegm.

A mixture of lime and sweet soy sauce is known as a way to relieve cough with phlegm.

The content can relax the muscles in the respiratory tract.

that way, the throat will not constrict and the phlegm is easy to clear.

If you don’t like the taste of soy sauce, you can replace the ingredients with honey.

Mix half a spoon of lime with honey, mix well, and consume at least once a day.

10. Ginger and Betel Leaf

Ginger is not only used as a dry cough medicine, but also as a type of phlegm.

Betel leaf is more widely used as an herbal plant to treat female sex organs.

However, its properties also work for the throat with phlegm.

The trick, boil a few pieces of betel leaf and ginger that have been cut into pieces.

Drink boiled water while warm at least once a day until the condition improves.

11. Salt and Turmeric

As we discussed above, we can use turmeric as cough medicine.

The content of antibiotics can fight bacteria that cause inflammation in the respiratory tract.

How to cultivate salt and turmeric as a productive cough medicine is too easy anyway.

You only need a few pieces of turmeric which are boiled in boiling water.

After that, add a little salt to the cooking water before drinking it regularly until it heals.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

s type of vinegar can treat skin diseases, teeth, even burns!

Well, besides that, it turns out that apple cider vinegar can also be used as a cough medicine with phlegm, Friend 99!

The reason why apple cider vinegar can treat various health complications is its good qualities.

Apple cider vinegar is well-known as a natural ingredient with antibacterial and antibiotic properties that are beneficial for the health of the body.

This content is good for the throat that is clogged with phlegm.

However, be careful in consuming apple cider vinegar.

Choose the original product without any processing or chemicals in it, yes.


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