The benefits of walking

Walk This is a non-practice exercise that is not only easy and tasty, cheap, and works well. Best of all, walking has no contraindications, it can be practiced by anyone who wants to take care of their health, regardless of their physical type or age. See the benefits of walking and be exciting to get started today.

Walking is good

Once you’ve formed a bunch of lying excuses to go for a walk, the next day is the time to change your mind. Thirty minutes of walking a day are enough to make you feel the benefits.

In addition to burning 500 to 1,000 calories, walking has many cardiovascular benefits, it improves training, helps you lose weight, and strengthens the muscles of your legs and buttocks.

A walk also improves the functioning of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, immunity, and nervous system, reduces the risk of osteoporosis and diabetes, and hypertension. It is an ideal activity for relieving stress, preventing depression and anxiety.

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Be careful when walking

The activity is easy to do but to do it right, you need to be careful when walking. Do not trigger stretching before and after walking. Respect your limits, especially if you start now. The pace and intensity of the walk should be in line with your sport, slowing down if you feel pain or discomfort. Keep your posture while walking and do not take too long steps. The heel should be the first part of the foot that touches the floor, then the sole, and finally the toes.

Wear comfortable clothes. Choose a walking shoe that has an elastic sole that absorbs more impact with the ground. Avoid walking during sunny hours and always use sunscreen. Drink water, it is important to hydrate the body before walking, during, and after walking. Try to walk in quiet places where there is not much traffic. You can listen to music while walking, which relaxes and makes your workouts more enjoyable.


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