How to get rid of headaches without medication

Cougar Turf said, “All types of headaches can be divided into two types: primary – the headaches that occur on their own; secondary – when the headaches occur.

Kogetev said “tension headaches” are the most common.
In most cases, the causes are stress, anxiety, frustration, and anxiety
The cerebral cortex works harder, causing muscle tension. With strengthening and relaxation, this pain can be relieved without pain.

Most people have headaches at the end of the day. This problem can be seen for various reasons.
Many people face this problem due to work pressure, heatwave and family problems.
This kind of problem does not come to anyone. But there may be no medicine stored in the house. As a result, it is better to know how to find relief at home.


The role of acupressure as a solution to reduce headaches is many.
The swollen part of the lower thumb of the palm of the left hand should be gently pressed with the finger of the right hand. This method can be a quick relief.

Drinking water:

Drinking more water reduces headaches a lot.
Which many may not know. Drink it as soon as you have water on hand, the headache will go away in a while.


If you have cloves at home, heat them. Then take the clove in a dry cloth or handkerchief and smell it, there is no easier way to reduce the headache.
Ginger crush: You can crush a piece of ginger and put it in your mouth. Relief will come in a moment.
So if you hold your head, take a few kinds of cotton of ginger in your mouth without waiting for the medicine.


Even if you drink tea with a little ginger, the headache will be reduced a lot. Many people think that if you don’t drink tea just for the sake of habit, you may get a headache, so if you drink a little tea, the headache will decrease. But this is not the case, tea is a cure for headaches.
As a result, this time there is no need to suffer by waiting for medicine, the solution is at hand. Peace will come only if you keep them in mind as time goes by.

Meditation and relaxation:

Maintain inner peace through meditation.
Resting and emptying your mind can free your mind from complex problems or stressful situations that can relieve headaches symptoms.
And it is also important to adjust the overall mental health, which can also help relieve headaches.

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