How Many Calories Do You Burn Swimming?

Do you swim? Swimming is a perfect sport to burn calories. Know how many you are capable of losing in a single class and you will surely love this activity.

Swimming is a very complete sport for the organism since it activates it completely during its practice.

Beyond the benefits that it can derive, many people practice it because of the calories that are burned swimming. And it is that due to the intensity that the activity requires, rapid calorie burning is promoted.

How many calories are burned in the pool?

On average, the calories burned in the pool during one hour of exercise are between 400 and 700. Although if you increase the intensity at which you work. It could even be close to 900 calories for every hour that you swim. And if you work at a slow pace, about 200 calories.

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You have to keep in mind that the number of calories burned by swimming will also depend on the style you choose. Swimming on your back, on your side, or butterfly style you can lose between 500 and 900 calories on average.

Which burns more calories: running or swimming?

If you are looking to opt for a sport based on caloric loss. You should know that there is no fixed answer. But that will depend on your characteristics.

In swimming, you will lose more calories depending on the style you choose and the muscles that are involved. But also due to the density of the water that requires a greater effort. However, in the case of running, it will be your rhythm that is the main indicator.

Finally, keep in mind that the calories you burn while swimming will depend on your physical condition. As in any other sport. The higher the body fat index, the more calories are lost


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