How Many Calories Are Burned While Running?

In many countries, morning jogging has long become a fashion trend. A successful person cannot afford to sit on the couch and grow a belly. Anyone who has decided to achieve a lot always keeps all aspects of life under control – including his own appearance. We want to talk about how jogging allows you to quickly and effectively fight fat deposits, including in the abdomen. Usually, when you work out in the gym, you put a load on certain muscle groups – and running involves most of them at the same time!

You can only roughly find out how many calories you burn when running. However, you can use the approximate figures calculated for the training of a man weighing 80 kg. If your weight is less, the calorie consumption will also be slightly less. If more, then the consumption, respectively, is higher:

jogging (8 km / h) – 670 calories per hour; running at an increased speed (10 km / h) – 837 kcal / h; accelerated running (15 km / h) – 1213 kcal / hour; just walking, walking – 328 kcal / hour; running on the spot – 804 kcal / hour; running uphill – 915 kcal / hour; running up the stairs – 1613 kcal / hour.

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Go jogging in the morning on an empty stomach. If the body cannot take energy from food. It will begin to break down fat deposits faster. Run for at least 30-50 minutes.

Allocate yourself at least three days a week for jogging and stick to your schedule. Occasional workouts have practically no effect. Take a small cup of fresh coffee 15 minutes before your workout – this is a natural fat burner.

But don’t just count on jogging. Help your body with proper nutrition. In combination, all this will give an effect much faster.


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