How Many Calories Do You Burn While Sleeping, Eating, or Cleaning the House?

Our body is a calorie-burning machine 24 hours a day. Daily actions that you do every day and involuntary actions such as breathing, cause us to continually expend energy.

Simply being alive makes our bodies consume energy. Sleeping, breathing, thinking, are just some of the actions we do daily that make us burn calories without being aware of it.

Our body spends between 1,200 and 1,400 kilocalories a day just by breathing, pumping blood, thinking, and digesting, this represents between 60 and 70% of our total daily energy. As indicated by the Nutrition Unit of the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industrie.

Burning calories doing nothing

Sleep: although on many occasions we have heard that sleeping accumulates fat because we are inactive. This is not true. The body needs the energy to keep the most basic functions active.

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It is estimated that we can burn between 0.9 and 1.02 Kcal per kilo of our weight per hour. If you multiply your weight by 8 hours. You get the result of what your body burns approximately at rest. This is not exact since each person has a different constitution. But it is estimated that they burn between 400-600 Kcal.

Eating: approximately 10% of the calories we burn per day are due to the digestion process. Although it all depends on the product we consume. For example, proteins, due to their complicated digestion, burn 27% of the total calories they contain.

However, fats burn a total of 2.5% and carbohydrates 7% when digested. It should also be borne in mind that our body does not complete the digestion process until three hours. So the body continues to expend energy after eating.

Standing or sitting: according to the Natural food website. In one hour of sitting activity, for example, reading, in transport, working, etc., we can burn around 60 Kcal. On the other hand, if we stand for an hour doing housework, working, or shopping, our body spends about 120 Kcal.

Cleaning the house: sweeping and scrubbing the house can burn about 240 Kcal per hour. According to Forbes magazine. “This is roughly the same calories you burn doing Pilates,” they point out. Washing dishes by hand we spend about 160 Kcal in half an hour and if we load or unload the dishwasher in that time we burn about 100.


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