What Is Scabies? How Is Scabies Transmitted?

What is scabies?

It is a common disease all over the world caused by a mite called hominins. Scabies, which cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be seen with a microscope. Cause disease by invading human skin. The mange beetle lives in these tunnels by making tunnels in the skin

How is the disease transmitted to humans?

Scabies is usually transmitted by direct and prolonged close contact with someone who is sick. It can be transmitted from person to person by close contact even in a period of 15-20 minutes. The shared use of personal items such as bedding, clothing, and towels facilitates the transmission and spread of scabies.

In How Many Days Do the Symptoms of the Disease Appear?

It can take up to 2-6 weeks for symptoms to start in someone who has scabies for the first time. However, in a person who has had scabies before, symptoms usually appear within 1-4 days of exposure. Even during these periods when the symptoms of the disease do not begin. The person can transmit scabies to others.

What are the Symptoms of the Disease?

The most important symptom of scabies is severe night itching. Itching increases when the person goes to bed and warms up. And while it is severe enough to wake the person from sleep. It is milder during the day. Although itching is usually seen between the fingers. The inner surface of the wrist, wrists, armpits, elbows, and groin, can be seen all over the body. The most obvious sign of the disease is gray-white tunnels 1-10 mm long. In which the mange beetle lives. Seen as a wavy dirty line between the fingers. Severe itching, especially at night, and the appearance of water-filled vesicles on the skin increase the suspicion of scabies. When such a situation is encountered. The Health Institution should be consulted as soon as possible.


Is there a treatment for the disease?

Scabies is a treatable disease. Along with the patient, those who have direct and long-term close contact with the household and the person should also be treated. It should be noted that the symptoms of scabies will not begin immediately. For this reason, in order for the treatment of scabies to be successful, people with scabies, especially those who live together and have long-term close contact. Should be treated regardless of whether they have symptoms of the disease. Patients and people who share the same living environment should be treated simultaneously, that is, at the same time. The drugs used in the treatment should be used as recommended by the physician. At the dose, and for the duration. After treatment, itching may continue for 2-4 weeks due to allergies to dead insects and insect residues. This should not be confused with the disease.

What should be done to prevent the disease?

For the prevention and control of the disease. It is extremely important that people living with the person with scabies are also treated at the same time. Regardless of whether family members have itching or not. They must be treated together. If treatment is not applied at the same time. The disease will continue to be transmitted from person to person.

Clothes, linens, and towels are used by people with scabies. People living with them at home should be washed and ironed at least 60 degrees.

Bedding should be aired for several days. Items that cannot be washed should be stored in a sealed bag for an average of three days. In addition, floors and furniture should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


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