Secrets of Skillful Sex or How to Please a Man

It often happens in life – a woman is not at all a beauty, and her man is going crazy over here! It also happens the other way around – after spending the night with stunning beauty. A man is in no hurry to make a new meeting with her.

Why does it happen?

It is known that external beauty is far from the most important factor when choosing a permanent partner. “Beauty will look closely, but the mind will come in handy,” says popular wisdom. How can a woman attract a man? Of course, by his character, demeanor, attitude towards him and other people … And also by the ability to please him. Yes Yes exactly! A man most of all appreciates himself, his beloved. If a woman knows how to give him extraordinary pleasure. The man begins to appreciate her.

It would seem that it could be easier – to undress. Jump into the bed with the darling, and “somersault” a little! Isn’t that what all men want? Yes, exactly that! But sex without fantasy and fire can quickly become boring – over time. A man will want to “somersault” with a new partner. If, of course, you allow sex with you to become a boring routine, something familiar, and therefore not as desirable as you would like.

Don’t want the man of your dreams to get bored with sex with you quickly? Then learn to please him!

The main rule is to be relaxed and open! The first and most important rule is not to be shy, not ashamed, be open and relaxed! Are you afraid that he will notice your sagging breasts or insufficiently elastic hips? Therefore you only undress in the dark. And some positions are taboo for you? Your partner is probably already dreaming of sex with another! Believe me. A man would prefer sex in the light with a fully (or partially – depending on how he likes) naked partner who has some figure flaws. Rather than with an ideal beauty who undresses in complete darkness and hides her body under a blanket. And if a woman who has flaws. But is not ashamed of her body. Is also extremely relaxed in bed, then a squeezed, constrained beauty has absolutely no chance.

Take care of your body. The above does not mean at all that a woman should not worry about the beauty of her body. If you want to be always desirable. You just need to carefully take care of yourself, groom, and nourish your body – fitness, peeling, massages, and other procedures will help you keep your body elastic and beautiful. But if you have any flaws that cannot be corrected with cosmetic wraps and jumping rope. You should not acquire a bunch of complexes and hide your body from your beloved man. Wanting to do what is best, you will only harm!

By the way, fitness has a positive effect on sex life. First, the hormonal background of a woman changes. Which has a positive effect on her libido. Secondly, self-confidence appears. Which is also important for good sex. Thirdly, strength, dexterity, endurance develop. Which, of course, are necessary for high-quality sex. Which in terms of expenditure of strength and energy is sometimes not inferior to athletic

and, most likely, have been doing them for a long time? No? Then start today! Kegel exercises are simple and can be done anytime anywhere. What do we have to do? Just squeeze the vaginal muscles. It is believed that it is enough for a woman to squeeze and unclench her intimate muscles two hundred times in a row (once or twice a day). But there are other exercises: 1. Tighten the muscles as much as possible. And then relax them gradually – in “portions”. The number of which should be brought to ten. 2. Now do not relax. But squeeze the muscles in “portions” in the amount often. 3. Quickly and often squeeze and unclench the intimate muscles for a minute or two. You can do all these exercises while sitting at work. Standing in traffic jams, ironing clothes, etc. Bottom line: strong, strong vaginal muscles, and, accordingly.

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There is another way to tone the muscles of the vagina. To do this, you will need a stone egg with a hole through it, which you can buy at an esoteric store. Although the egg can be wooden or plastic. The size of such an egg should not be large – about three centimeters long and one and a half to two centimeters wide. You need to thread a thread through the hole and attach some kind of weight – you should start with a hundred grams. Gradually increasing the weight.

The exercise is simple – you insert an egg into the vagina try to hold it with the vaginal muscles. The exercise should be done for ten to thirty minutes daily. At this time. You can do cleaning or gymnastics for the hands. Over time, you will be able to hold up to three kilograms of weight with your vaginal muscles. Just imagine what pleasure a woman can give a man who can hold several kilograms with her vagina! By the way, such training will have a positive effect on your orgasm. Will also be salvation from some gynecological diseases.

By training your vaginal muscles. You can squeeze them tightly during sex, giving your man extra pleasure. There is another way: not just to strain these muscles, but to create a pulsating effect, i.e. often squeeze and unclench them – a man will be an indescribable delight!

Sexy chips. So, you have learned not to be afraid of sex in the light, not to hide under the covers. Not to be ashamed of a new position. You began to take care of your body, and it has already responded to you with pleasant results. You have brought your vaginal muscles into perfect condition. But this is not enough. Learn to use various sexual tricks to maximize the excitement of a man. To give him endless pleasure.

Do you practice blowjobs? Try to suck on a peppermint before starting oral sex – the man will experience unusual sensations. Or, interrupting the process. Fill your mouth with cold or hot water and gently suck his cock into your mouth – he will love it! Buy a baby cream containing menthol and apply it to your man’s organ before giving a blowjob – firstly. A slight chill will increase the sensitivity from caresses, and secondly, caresses will be more pleasant already because the lubricant will make them “sliding”.

In what position do you give him oral sex? Any man will like it if his partner gives him affection. Sitting on his chest and leaning forward – the man will enjoy both the blowjob and the contemplation of the most exciting part of his partner’s body.

If, after trying, you come to the conclusion that this does not excite you at all and does not give you absolutely any pleasure – well, besides anal sex. There are many other ways to enjoy yourself and give pleasure to a man. If your feelings from the experiment are pleasant, But your beloved man! He will be delighted!

Visit a sex shop with your man, choose something and be sure to try it!

Come up with scenarios for your sex games. Consider all the little things: the color of the bedding, your appearance, the toys you use, the positions you apply, the games you play. Let each of your new scenarios be different from the previous one. But not all of your sexual encounters have to be scripted – improvisation is often much more enjoyable than a planned action.

you want to tie your beloved man to you. Become an ideal lover for him. Do not let sex become an everyday routine. Turn from a brightly burning fire into a barely smoldering ember! Love you and passionate sex!


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