list of top 10 destinations for sex tourism

Sometimes the usual resort vacation is not enough for an adult. For those who want something “hotter”, the New Telegraph has compiled a list of the most popular sex tourism destinations.


Pattaya and Bangkok’s red-light districts are well known to Russian tourists. Bangkok is tacitly recognized as the sex capital of the world. Women who want to make money on travelers flock here. Sex tourism and prostitution are prohibited here. But the authorities turn a blind eye to the industry because of the millions in revenue for the GDP.


In Singapore, individual prostitution is legal and controlled by the police so strictly that it is easier for many to act quietly. Geylang Road, Orchard, Decker Road, and Keong Sike red light district are well known in the service market. “Priestesses of Love” are required to undergo medical examinations and have a certificate of the absence of STDs.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a sex tourism giant, and it’s legal here. As in Singapore, only individual practice is allowed, not brothel organization. Escort services are widespread.


Kiev and Odessa are known as the main centers for sex tourism in the country. This is, in fact, illegal here, but the likelihood of police intervention is small. Strip clubs and massage parlors with “value-added services” are everywhere.


A famous red-light district is Roppongi in Tokyo. Japan is popular with tourists. But sex workers are not very fond of foreigners. Japanese women consider us rude and indecent. The language barrier is also a big problem.

Costa Rica

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Up to 10% of all visitors to Costa Rica come here for sex. Because in the US, prostitution is illegal, and Costa Rica with loyal authorities is nearby. In fact, up to 80% of US migrants are engaged in prostitution in Costa Rica.


Venezuelan women are famous for their beauty. Many have won the title of Miss World. Here prostitution is legal and sex tourism is the norm. Escort services are thriving in Caracas. There are many brothels and erotic massage parlors.


There is everything in Spain – wine, bullfighting, and legal prostitution. Red-light districts are rich and popular. Even in a small town, a traveler will find a woman who is ready to provide services for good.


Indonesia has a bad reputation for trafficking children. So tourists need to be careful about erotic adventures. Perhaps the safest way to find sex in Indonesia is through the Internet. In Gili and Bali, prostitution is illegal, so it’s best not to risk it.


Amsterdam is famous for its red-light districts. Here, prostitution is legal and safe. A section of the official website of the capital is even dedicated to this. There is also a sex museum where travelers can learn about carnal pleasures.


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