How to delay aging and maintain youth?

Speaking of aging is actually a serious topic. Many girls are over 18 and are reluctant to mention their age. I’m afraid I’m one year old again, even so, I can’t resist the aging of my face. Many girls even took a group of large-scale portraits when they were about 20 years old, just to record their most beautiful faces.

In fact, the aging of the human body takes place much earlier than you think. You have to know that your 20s are the peak period for various physical indicators. After this peak period. They have already embarked on the path of aging.

When it comes to metabolic capacity, some people may begin to age after 18 years of age. When I was studying. I didn’t feel much about going to bed or staying up late. At most, I would feel alive the next day to make up for a night’s sleep. As long as you are in your 30s, you always feel like “not going to bed at noon, breaking down at night, staying up all night, breaking down for a week.”

Why do athletes eat youth meals?

That’s because people begin to thin muscle fibers, decrease plasticity, weaken contractility, reduce organic components in bones, and increase inorganic salts at the age of 30, which leads to a decrease in bone elasticity and toughness, and it is easy to fracture.

Human bone density has been increasing before the age of 25. But at the age of 35, the bone begins to lose and enter the natural aging process. According to statistics, by the age of 80, the height will drop by 5 cm.

Why do idol actors eat youth meals?

Because around the age of 30, the skin’s elasticity begins to decrease, lose its luster. And wrinkles and various spots appear.

Around the age of 35, the tissue and fat of the breasts began to lose. And the size and fullness of the breasts decreased as a result. And the proud figure slowly disappeared.

Around the age of 40, the elasticity of the vocal cords begins to decrease. At this time, the treble depends more on technique than absolute ability.

If you want to delay aging, the following five conditions are the most basic, but many people still cannot.

1. Adjust your mindset

Studies have found that happiness makes people young and stress is harmful to health. Activities such as meditation and exercise can effectively relieve stress. Many people think that a young mindset is a “special medicine” for anti-aging!

2. Eat healthy

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Oxidation accelerates the aging of human cells. As with vegetables, fruits also contain large amounts of antioxidant agents, but also beneficial to add water. The age of your body is closely related to what you eat every day.

3. Guarantee sleep

Need at least 7 hours of sleep every night. As they get older, their sleep time will decrease. But in any case, a regular schedule can slow down the aging process.

4. Aerobic exercise

Delaying aging does not rely on heavy muscle exercise. Long-term aerobic exercise can strengthen the cardiopulmonary function and make the body younger.

5. Regular physical examination

Chronic diseases will slowly destroy our bodies. We must take regular physical examinations and deal with minor problems as soon as possible to keep our health in our own hands.


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