The tricks to maintain beauty over time

The more time passes, the more beautiful they are! What is their secret?

There are many tips for maintaining beauty capital over the years. The most important one concerns nutrition. To make it truly anti-aging, it is advisable to keep the sugar intake under control. Excess carbohydrates at the table in fact stimulates glycation. A process of degeneration of the proteins present in the supporting fibers of the skin, namely collagen, and elastin.

The result? A little aesthetic thickening of the skin tissue and a noticeable loss of elasticity. The intake of meat is also to be moderate, especially if it is red. By decreasing the quantities it is possible to focus on the intake of vitamins and other natural antioxidants. Those who want to preserve beauty should also stop smoking, as smoking is one of the main causes of the onset of bags under the eyes. Annoying inflammation such as psoriasis.

It is also essential to choose the right cream for your age. At thirty you need to focus above all on hydration. While from 40 and up it is good to prevent sagging. Also, remember the importance of night strengthening serums. Obviously, to optimize the effect of cosmetics, there is also aesthetic medicine. With soft treatments that allow you to plump, illuminate and identify strategic points, without distorting the features.

Very useful to prevent baldness by taking supplements based on zinc and B vitamins.

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