How to Regrow Hair

Baldness is a phenomenon for which many men are looking for solutions. Indeed, alopecia, especially when it is androgenic, causes permanent hair loss. Fortunately, science continues to innovate when it comes to remedies to stem hair loss. Research has even proven the effectiveness of many natural products against alopecia! Along the same lines. Advances in molecular biology research have made it possible to find drugs to regrow hair.

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Understanding the hair growth mechanism

It is necessary to understand the mechanism of hair growth. And in particular, the hair cycles to be able to adopt the right solutions allowing them to grow back more quickly. It is indeed important to know that the hair grows by the root which is located under the scalp and housed inside an envelope. Called the hair follicle. It thus leaves the root through the papilla. Which is supplied by our blood. This teaches us that hair regrowth depends above all on the health of the hair root since it is at this level that growth begins

What solutions to adopt to stimulate hair regrowth?

Alopecia is a pathology that sometimes leads to irremediable hair loss. Fortunately, it is possible to stem hair loss, and even stimulate regrowth, by adopting the right actions and using the right solutions.

The right things to do to regrow hair
Before starting any treatment, you must start by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, the condition of your hair depends entirely on your general health. It is therefore important to adopt good food hygiene by eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. In particular, it is advisable to consume foods rich in vitamin A, B, and C, sulfur proteins, iron, as well as trace elements such as zinc and magnesium.

For more efficiency, you can even consume these vitamins in tablet form. Vitamin E and L-Cysteine ​​are among those which have a beneficial action on the scalp and for hair growth.

The health of your scalp is also essential to stimulate regrowth. So you should avoid all products that could weaken it. These are more precisely all forms of parabens, polyethylene glycol, silicones, sulfate, and phenoxyethanol. So, before choosing your shampoo or hair care, carefully check the list of their components.

Natural products
In addition to a healthy lifestyle. You must also adopt a good hair routine if you really want to promote hair regrowth. There are many natural products that you can use daily as an oil bath or that you can consume as a food supplement.

Among the most popular, we can cite for example castor oil which is particularly effective in regrowing hair. And mustard oil which makes it possible to effectively stop hair loss. Nard Jatamansi essential oil and rosemary water are strongly recommended for cleansing the scalp. And at the same time stimulating the hair follicle. Which helps promote regrowth. Coconut oil and olive oil are also natural products that allow you to hydrate your hair daily. You can also mix all these oils to make a bath that you will apply before each shampoo.

Besides, all kinds of food supplements offer the advantage of stimulating hair regrowth. The action of saw palmetto, for example, is to stop the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. The molecule attacks the hair follicle and causes hair loss. You can therefore take it regularly.

Finally, spirulina is a 100% natural product with which you also have the possibility of stopping hair loss. It indeed contains proteins that promote the synthesis of keratin. This action makes it possible to strengthen the hair. And even to accelerate its growth. Spirulina can be used as a hair mask when it is in powder form or consumed as a food supplement in the form of capsules.

Medical treatments
Androgenic alopecia is a particularly aggressive form of baldness. This is because hair that has fallen out has very little chance of growing back. To be able to treat it effectively, it must also be detected very early. The fall will be dammed sooner, and you will be more likely to see them grow back, although they will never be as thick as they once were.

You can follow drug treatments to effectively stop hair loss, and even stimulate moderate regrowth.

The most popular is Minoxidil, a topical treatment that has been specially formulated to stem hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia. This medicine works by dilating the blood vessels. Which helps stimulate the hair follicle and supply it with all the blood and oxygen you need. This, therefore, helps to stop hair loss, while up to 40% of users of the product can benefit from satisfactory regrowth.

However, it is important to note that to benefit from the anti-hair loss effect of this medication. You will need to apply it for life. Its benefits will start to fade after 3 months of stopping treatment. Finally, know that 2 minoxidil formulas have been developed so that women, as well as men, can use them to treat their baldness.

There is also a new treatment called Trioxidil. Which can effectively stem hair loss by limiting the production of dihydrotestosterone.

Finally, a drug called Finasteride can be taken by mouth to slow down the hair growth cycle and limit hair loss. It is also one of the particularly effective treatments for regrowing hair. However, it has the drawback of causing undesirable effects of a sexual nature.

Moreover, the other drug treatments each have their side effects. So it is important to inform yourself before starting any treatment. It would also be a good idea to seek advice from a healthcare professional beforehand.

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