Food Calorie Table: Fruits, Vegetables, Etc.

What are calories?

Kilocalories are the energy you supply to your body through nutrition. Which is the fuel you need to breathe, run, play sports or even just sleep. At a scientific level, kilocalories are defined as the energy needed to raise the temperature of a liter of water by exactly 1 ° C. But this sounds pretty abstract. In practice. It is exactly the ‘ energy you need to heat from 19 ° C to 20 ° C one liter of mineral water. You need about 1 kilocalorie for this heating process.

The calorie display then shows you how much energy the respective product provides you. A pizza, for example, has about 800 kcal, while a portion of pumpkin soup has about 350 kcal.

Food calorie table

FRUITkcal per 100 g
Apple52 kcal
Pineapple55 kcal
Apricot43 kcal
Pear55 kcal
Banana88 kcal
Blueberries35 kcal
Blood orange45 kcal
Blackberries43 kcal
Redberry46 kcal
Strawberries32 kcal
FIG107 kcal
Grapefruit50 kcal
pomegranate74 kcal
Rosehip of the dog rose162 kcal
Melon54 kcal
Raspberries36 kcal
Ginger80 kcal
Kiwi51 kcal
Cherries50 kcal
Litchi66 kcal
Tangerine50 kcal
Mango62 kcal
Passion fruit97 kcal
Prune47 kcal
Fishing41 kcal
Quince38 kcal
Rhubarb21 kcal
Watermelon30 kcal
Grape70 kcal
Lemon35 kcal

VEGETABLESkcal per 100 g
Aubergine24 kcal
Artichoke47 kcal
Avocado160 kcal
Cauliflower25 kcal
Broccoli35 kcal
Beans25 kcal
Watercress19 kcal
Mushrooms22 kcal
Chinese cabbage13 kcal
Chili pepper40 kcal
Peas82 kcal
Iceberg salad14 kcal
Fennel31 kcal
Cucumber15 kcal
Kale49 kcal
Carrot36 kcal
Potato86 kcal
Kohlrabi27 kcal
Pumpkin19 kcal
Leek31 kcal
Corn108 kcal
Chard19 kcal
Sweet pepper21 kcal
Radish16 kcal
Beet43 kcal
Red cabbage29 kcal
Brussels sprout43 kcal
Rocket25 kcal
Asparagus18 kcal
Spinach23 kcal
Sweet potato86 kcal
Zucchini20 kcal
Onion40 kcal

MEAT kcal per 100 g
Sausage375 kcal
Duck375 kcal
deer375 kcal
Chicken breast75 kcal
Calf meat94 kcal
Lamb178 kcal
Turkey breast111 kcal
Salami507 kcal
Dried ham335 kcal
Lard645 kcal
Fillet of beef115 kcal
Ground beef212 kcal
Rib of beef162 kcal
Pork fillet171 kcal
Pork, fatty311 kcal
Pork, lean143 kcal
Pork cutlet105 kcal
Würstel375 kcal

FISH kcal per 100 g
Trout50 kcal
Pike50 kcal
Herring146 kcal
Salmon137 kcal
Redfish fillet111 kcal
Cod fillet83 kcal
Tuna144 kcal

Buttermilk38 kcal
Crème fraîche292 kcal
Cheddar403 kcal
Emmentaler382 kcal
Edamer251 kcal
Egg155 kcal
Cottage cheese104 kcal
Coconut milk136 kcal
Milk47 kcal
Lean Quark67 kcal
White yogurt62 kcal
Cream204 kcal
Cooking cream162 kcal
Sour cream115 kcal
Smetana240 kcal

PASTA kcal per 100 g
Fettuccine142 kcal
Spelled pasta128 kcal
Butterflies147 kcal
Noodles159 kcal
Rice paste124 kcal
Wholemeal spaghetti152 kcal

BAKERY PRODUCTS kcal per 100 g
baguette248 kcal
Pretzel217 kcal
Slipper333 kcal
Croissant393 kcal
Naan bread290 kcal
Pita bread290 kcal
Sweet rye bread181 kcal
Wholemeal toast244 kcal
Integral wrap170 kcal
Cinnamon roll384 kcal

ALCOHOL kcal per 100 ml
Beer43 kcal
Gin Tonic377 kcal
Vodka215 kcal
Wine83 kcal

FAST FOOD kcal per 100 g
Cheeseburger250 kcal
Potato chips in bag539 kcal
Currywurst288 kcal
Kebab215 kcal
Chocolate cookies512 kcal
Vegetarian kebab107 kcal
Pizza margherita199 kcal
Pizza with salami245 kcal
French fries291 kcal
Hamburger291 kcal
Nutella547 kcal

Calorie table for weight loss

To lose weight, your body must burn more calories than it consumes. Your success in weight loss, therefore, does not depend on the calories of food but is determined by a moderate calorie deficit over a long period of time. Among your food choices try to give great space to fresh fruit and vegetables, to foods rich in fiber, and at the same time try to limit calories. In the table below you will find the foods we recommend.

Lettuce14 kcal
Cucumbers15 kcal
Asparagus18 kcal
Zucchini20 kcal
Champignon mushrooms22 kcal
Spinach23 kcal
Cauliflower25 kcal
Watermelon30 kcal
Strawberries32 kcal
Broccoli35 kcal
Apples52 kcal
Quark type low-fat cheese67 kcal
Potatoes86 kcal
Cooked lentils97 kcal
Chickpeas137 kcal
Salmon137 kcal

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