8 Facts About High Heels

They are a woman’s erotic secret weapon: high heels! But do men really love high heels and how much do women spend on shoes in the course of their lives? Here are the facts …

“I’m Latina, we were born in high heels. We fled across the border and from the immigration authorities with them. I can even go through an aerobics class in high heels,” said Eva Longoria. So there must be something to this irrepressible love of women for high heels. After all, nobody willingly torments themselves with high heels. Here are 8 facts about shoes with dizzying heels …

Fact # 1: Ouch!

37 percent of all women surveyed are willing to buy great high heels even if they don’t fit them.

Fact # 2: A matter of height

How high do high heels have to be? Usually, stilettos have a heel of three inches or more. From 14 cm one speaks of fetish heels or skyscrapers. The little sisters are called kitten heels: They are between 3.5 and 5 cm high.

Fact # 3: paragraph rule

The most important basic paragraph forms are penny, block, wedge, and plateau.

Fact # 4: man’s dreams

“In the 16th century, men, in particular, wore heels,” says Dr. Claudia Schulz from the German Shoe Institute in Offenbach am Main. “They showed that they belonged to better society.” And today? Do the guys still like it, as a recent survey on MensHealth.de shows: 94 percent of men find women in high heels sexy, mainly because their gait then becomes more erotic. 81 percent even find stilettos exciting. There is one small caveat, however: 88 percent say that if a woman can’t walk in high heels, she shouldn’t.

Fact # 5: Practice makes perfect

Good high heels are built in such a way that every woman can safely walk on them. It is crucial that the ball of the foot can roll off and the shoe fits perfectly.
Tip 1: Never buy high heels on which you sway
Tip 2: Always make sure you have extra grip on the heel
Tip 3: Not only the length of the shoe but also the width must match the foot

Fact # 6: The shoe designer par excellence

Manolo Blahnik, the darling of the US stars, designed his first shoes in 1971 and became known worldwide through the series “Sex and the City” (without them Sarah Jessica Parker is only 1.62 meters tall)
Jimmy Choo founded his label in 1996 with Tamara Mellon, Ex-head of accessories for the British “Vogue”, who successfully marketed him. His designs achieved cult status through films (“The Devil Wears Prada”) and TV series (“Gilmore Girls”).
Christian Louboutin: The French designer’s trademark is red soles that make his models instantly recognizable. His high heels are considered to be the sexiest shoes in the world.

Fact # 7: What ?!

A woman spends twenty thousand euros on shoes alone in the course of her life (this corresponds to around 470 pairs). Every woman has an average of 19 models in her closet

Fact # 8: Dangerous mountain air

On average, every 10th woman has already seen a doctor because of a heel accident, according to a survey by the English shoe manufacturer Hotter Shoes. Most common injuries: broken ankles, inflamed blisters, pulled tendons, torn ligaments, twisted knees.

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