How to Take Out the Cheapest Health Insurance

Saving money is, nowadays, a skill that we have to work on daily. Find out how to take out the cheapest and most suitable health insurance for you.

Health insurance can make you sleep better, it can help a lot in case of an accident and it can even save you some money. But in some cases, especially when we are not well informed, health insurance can be too expensive. So that you don’t have to put unnecessary weight on your family budget, you should know how to take out the cheapest health insurance.


1. Make changes in your life before looking outside.

Your life and health insurance are directly influenced by your lifestyle. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and being overweight are some of the factors that will lead to higher expenses.

Insurers have access to your health history and will use it in negotiations. So, whether you have a chronic illness, bad habits, or perfect physical health, be aware that being healthy is a responsibility you must assume if you want to save on health insurance.

2. Analyze before making a contract with the insurance company.

Evaluate your needs in detail. Carry out good market research and, if necessary, consult an insurance intermediary.

Don’t hold back when negotiating and don’t accept the first offer put in front of you. Insurers want your contract and will have some willing to shrink offers if you are willing to leave the negotiating table.

3. Consider one of the new low-cost insurers

These new modalities of negotiating insurance contracts are a possibility to consider. Low-cost insurers allow you to build your own coverage by subscribing to modules that guarantee the essentials. Basic access to private health care.

Capital limits are lower and usually work without the need for reimbursement. With no associated deductible. However, it is important to realize that, despite being cheaper, the insured will assume a greater risk component.

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4. Make payments annually

As with all insurance, regardless of the coverage, you subscribe to if you choose to make payments annually. You will be able to save some money.

Of course, not everyone has the possibility to do so, since to pay annually it is necessary to have some money available to be able to absorb a much higher rate of effort.

5. Consider paying by direct debit

Check if there is any benefit offered by the insurance company due to the payment by direct debit. Even if it doesn’t exist, if you have a cash-back credit card. You’ll end up getting a percentage of the payment back.

6. Try to consolidate your insurance contracts

If you try to bring together all your insurance contracts (multi-risk, car, etc.) in a single company. You can achieve significant savings. Alternatively, you can try to combine the health insurance of the various members of your family in a single company.

7. Pay close attention to the insurer’s network of providers

In order to take full advantage of your insurance contract, the insurer’s network of providers must be suitable for your area of ​​residence. Otherwise, you will have to bear higher costs whenever you use health services outside the network of providers.

8. Carefully review the contractual clause associated with the franchise

The deductible is expressed in monetary value, percentage, or days, and corresponds to the portion of the risk that, in the event of health expenses, is borne by the insurance holder.

Insurance without a deductible will have a significantly higher cost. In contrast. Insurances with higher deductibles will have a significantly lower premium value, but whenever you resort to the health care you will have to bear a greater part of the associated costs.


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