How to Measure Blood Pressure at Home Correctly?

Measuring blood pressure at home is an easy way to monitor your own health.

If a morning healthy person’s morning blood pressure is high, the reasons must be carefully considered. The background may be, for example, sleep disorders.

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Blood pressure fluctuates during the day. The most reliable results are obtained by measuring the blood pressure several times and averaging the results. Exercise and tension can temporarily raise blood pressure.

Among other things, the familiar and safe environment helps the thriller to relax.

It is easier to relax in a home environment. Others may be excited about the blood pressure measurement made by nursing staff and the foreign environment.

A study published in the American Journal of Hypertension followed 350 people over the age of 80 at increased risk of cardiovascular disease for three years. The association observed in the study was particularly related to systolic blood pressure, and the higher the blood pressure reading, the stronger the association.

Measuring the best ways to monitor your own health

Even a person with basic health should be interested in their own blood pressure by the age of 40 at the latest.

High blood pressure is usually not felt, so measuring is the only way to make sure. Constantly high blood pressure damages the heart, blood vessels, brain, and kidneys.

Yes, blood pressure measurement is part of the primary health check for all adults. It is one of the most effective and simplest ways to monitor your own health. It is important to identify high blood pressure in time to think about lifestyle changes and possible medication.

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This is how you interpret your blood pressure monitor

  • Blood pressure is indicated by two readings. A higher number, or systolic pressure, describes the pressure as the heart contracts. A lower reading, or diastolic pressure, describes the pressure at rest.
  • The ideal blood pressure is below 120/80.
  • Slightly elevated blood pressure is classified when the upper pressure is 135-145 and the lower pressure is 85-90.

This is how you can measure your blood pressure at home

An upper arm gauge is recommended for home measurement. A wrist meter is only recommended if the correct size cuff is not available for you. Too small a cuff may give a value that is too high and correspondingly too large a value lower than the actual reading.

Blood pressure can be measured from either arm. But it is usually easier for a right-hander to take a measurement from the left arm and vice versa.

Sit back and relax for a moment before measuring. That the morning measurement is taken before breakfast or taking medication. For example, coffee or tea can have an elevating effect on blood pressure. Smoking prior to measuring blood pressure can also affect measurement results. In addition to antihypertensive drugs. Other drugs used for various diseases can have an effect on blood pressure levels. The evening measurement can be done according to your own rhythm between 18-21, however, in a calm state


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