How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising?

How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising? Sex is important in the lives of many people because it can play a role in relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and increasing immunity. Therefore, it is important to make your sex life always excellent, one of which is by exercising. So, what types of exercise are especially effective in increasing male vitality? Check out the following review.

The choice of sports to train male sex agility

The benefits of exercising in sex life can increase energy, stamina, and muscle volume, burn fat, and increase self-confidence and mood.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, regular exercise can improve sexual function in men while reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction (impotence). That way, all of these benefits will bring you the extraordinary quality of sex you desire.

Here are some sports for men that are effective in increasing stamina and making the body in prime condition during sex.

1. Plank

You can do a simple plank movement by doing the initial push-up position, but with the elbow as support. Then, you just need to hold this position for a period of time that is adjusted to your ability and then gradually increase.

The benefits of the plank are that it can build stamina and strengthen a man during sex. For example in the missionary position. You can also feel significant changes in the core muscles of the abdomen. This type of exercise can also keep you from the risk of back injury.

How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising?
How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising

2. Candle attitude

To perform this exercise, you first need to lie on your back on a flat floor or exercise mat. Then, lift your leg up until it forms a 90-degree angle with your body. After successfully doing this position, you can add up and down movements or hold it for a while.

This sports movement can increase stamina, and endurance, and build leg muscles, especially thigh muscles. Thigh muscles adjacent to the male vital organs can help you perform various sex positions with ease.

How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising?
How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising

3. Increase Male Vitality by Exercising Kegel

Kegel exercises are not only beneficial for women, but men can also feel the benefits. In general, this gymnastic movement aims to train the hip muscles. A study in Sexual Medicine Reviews calls this male vitality exercise able to prevent erectile dysfunction. More specifically, this movement can also improve erectile function and prevent premature ejaculation.

Kegel exercises for men usually start from lying on their backs on a flat surface. Then, bend your knees so that your top leg forms a 45-degree angle. Then, grab your hips and lift your upper body. Hold this position for 5 seconds then release and repeat the movement.

4. Push up

How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising
How to Increase Male Vitality by Exercising

Almost everyone, including you, are familiar with the push-up movement. This hand muscle strength training is also one of the best types of exercise to increase your endurance and sexual performance.

You can do several sets of push-ups in one exercise. If you are not able to rest on the tips of your toes, you can bend your knees and use them as support. This movement is useful for training thrust, motion stability, and of course stamina endurance during sex.

5. Squat

Squats start with a squat position with both hands placed behind the head. Then, you lift your body up to a standing position and return to the original position. Do this movement repeatedly to adjust your stamina.

This is very useful in strengthening the resistance of the lower body. In addition, this movement can help increase testosterone production and improve blood flow to the lower body. This can have an impact through more intense orgasms than usual.

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6. The movement of the horses

In a standing position, spread your legs back and forth. Then, bend the knee of your front leg. If you’ve done it, position your body as if you were a horse. Do it repeatedly or can also be held for a few seconds.

This movement can also train your body balance when having sex in bed to make it more powerful. In addition, this movement makes blood flow to the lower body more smoothly.

7. Body bending movement

Take a standing position with your feet wide open to the right and left. Then, you need to bend your body down until your head is almost touching your knees and at waist level. Extend both hands to touch the calves and hold this position for a few moments.

This can give flexibility to the male body. This movement is a form of muscle stretching exercise, so all your muscles will feel more relaxed and flexible.

8. Butterfly movement

First, stretch your body in a supine position. Then, bend your legs and bring your heels together, so that you are in a cross-legged position. Spread your legs wide and hold this position for some time so that you feel a stretch in your lower body muscles.

This butterfly-like movement has benefits in improving blood circulation in the lower body. In addition, it also helps increase your strength in bed.

You can do sports movements to increase male sexual vitality as above on the sidelines of daily activities. Moreover, the movements are classified as light sports that do not require special costs, places, and equipment.

In addition, cardio exercise in general is also effective in preventing and overcoming erectile dysfunction. Make sure you exercise regularly, at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity. You also need to balance this with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

However, if you experience erectile dysfunction or other disorders that do not improve after exercising, you should consult further with your doctor.


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