Check out the 7 best health plans in 2023

Health is a subject that cannot be played with, isn’t it? Before closing with any health plan. Check out the 7 best health plans in 2023 is extremely necessary that you carry out quotes and always check the best plan for you.

Sometimes a plan offers more affordable service but is not accepted in hospitals near where you live. In this sense, offering a service that fits within their individualities is essential.

With that in mind, the National Supplementary Health Agency ( ANS ) researched the number of beneficiaries and complaints in Reclame Aqui and made a list of the best health plans for 2022.

It is worth mentioning that the list was released by the ANS last year. And as soon as the body makes the new ranking of the best health plans available. FinanceOne will bring you the update!

The study was based on three indicators: grade in the operators’ qualification index (IDSS). Want to check it out? Then continue reading below!

1. Unimed health plans

Unimed is first in the list of the best health plans in the country on the ANS list.

In addition to the agreements, Unimed offers extra services to its users. Such as pharmaceutical assistance, home care, guidance during pregnancy, and cancer care, among others.

Among its differentials are the air medical transport services and the family benefit. This allows dependents to continue using the plan for another five years after the death of the holder.

It is worth remembering that Unimed has plans from R$314 for individuals, grade 9.9 in ANS, and is evaluated by Reclame Aqui with a grade of 7.7.

2. Bradesco Saúde

One of the most complete networks in terms of health plans. Bradesco Saúde is a great option for those looking for a variety of hospital networks, laboratories, clinics, and accredited medical centers.

In addition, Bradesco also has dental plans, for those who seek this type of service as well.

The only disadvantage offered by this health plan is that it is only possible to join legal entities. That is, to have access to this plan, you need to have a CNPJ and include at least three people for membership.

It has a score of 9.6 in the ANS ranking and is one of the most complete service networks in the country. With a presence in the supplementary health market for over 35 years.

It is worth remembering that Bradesco Saúde has six plan modalities in its portfolio. With advantages such as telemedicine and the Bradesco Saúde app. It also offers reimbursement for services performed outside the referenced network.

3. Amil’s health plans

Amil is a Brazilian healthcare company that has been operating in the healthcare market for over 28 years. Well known for its performance, the company has a tradition in the way it manages its products.

In addition to having wide national coverage, Amil also has international coverage, both with corporate and individual plans.

Both cases have different types of insurance, including dental, which guarantee the consumer more flexibility when contracting the plan.

As a differential, Amil has cost-effectiveness, and Amil Resgate is the only Brazilian hospital transport service recognized by the Joint Commission International.

4. NotreDame Intermédica

Notre-Dame Intermédica stands out for being one of the largest complementary health companies in Brazil, with more than 6.2 million beneficiaries.Check out the 7 best health plans in 2022

Despite having national coverage, its greater availability of coverage is concentrated in the Southeast region, mainly in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Among its differentials are its time on the market and the offer of its own wide network of hospitals, clinical centers, emergency rooms, and maternity hospitals, among others, present throughout the country.

It has a grade of 8.6 in ANS and 8.1 in Reclame Aqui. In addition, their health plans are very affordable, with prices starting at R$199.61.  Check out the 7 best health plans in 2023

5. Safe Harbor

Porto Seguro Saúde has agreements focused on collective and business plans, although it is also possible to hire a family plan using a CNPJ.

With a score of 7.6 in the ANS and 7.7 in the Reclame Aqui. This operator appears among the best health plans because it offers a vast number of accredited hospitals, and services from DaVita Medical Units, in addition to offering reimbursement in all categories 100% online.

It has been in the market for over 70 years and has wide national coverage.

6 – SulAmérica Saúde

SulAmérica has individual or business agreements, reimbursement possibilities, travel insurance, and extra services.

The great advantage of this operator is that all plans have national coverage and even its most basic agreements have advantageous coverage, benefits, and a wide accredited network.

The only thing that will change between one plan and another is the type of accommodation or services hired by the type of plan chosen.

His grade in the ANS ranking is 7.2 and in the Reclame Aqui 8.5.

7 – Allianz Health

One of its differentials is the incentive for the health and well-being of its beneficiaries. Providing services that accompany overweight people, with orthopedic problems, among others.
One of the advantages of this plan is that it offers a grace period exemption for groups of 10 people or more. It also offers extra services such as psychotherapy, speech therapy, and nutrition.

How to choose the best health plan?

After knowing the list of the best health plans, according to ANS, make sure that the accredited network is of quality. Don’t be guided by the quantity. But by the excellence of the hospitals and clinics offered.

Check which regions are covered by the plan. Especially if you are a person who travels a lot, and assesses whether the coverage matches the places where you are most likely to need it.

+ Change health plan without meeting grace period? See the step-by-step!

Also, inform yourself about the basic mechanisms of the plan. What is the routine to access the services offered? Are there procedures that require prior authorization?

Finally, read the contract carefully and ask all your questions before signing it.

Is it possible to choose a plan that pays?

If you want to have a good health plan that fits in your pocket, know that this is possible. Although many believe it is impossible or that all plans are expensive, know that this is a wrong thought.

That’s because you just need to find a health plan that meets your needs. Check out the 7 best health plans in 2023.  In addition, operators have several options for plans and coverage. Precisely to compete with each other.

And of course, there are plans that are basic and with a smaller coverage or a more limited service area. But it can be a good value for money for you right now.

Check out the 7 best health plans in 2023. It is also necessary to consider a national coverage plan. For example, for those who do not travel much does not make sense. You can only cover your state, leaving the value more affordable for your pocket.

If you don’t go to the doctor much, you can also choose to hire co-payment operators. Which have monthly fees with more attractive values. However, it is common to charge a symbolic fee for each service performed.



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